About Us

Made in Sri Lanka – a paradise of its own kind, enthusiasm and love for islander lifestyle come alive to share its beauty to the world in islander spirited resort wear. La Ceyloné range covers from easy tropical casuals to handmade limited edition designer-wear collections for both men and women.

We believe that all our souls come from the sea, scattered across the tropics. We embrace the elements where the sun has kissed this island, from the sand, to the tall coconut trees - that we are all flowers growing in different places in the world, searching for a place called home. For your islander spirit who is trying to make memories under this sun - while it rises, and sets.

All items are posted from our warehouse in Melbourne, Victoria.

If you would like to become a stockist, please email us at info@laceylone.com.au or use the contact us form for more information!